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 Information for AOL Users

If you receive the error "566 Response HTTP Version Unsupported" when trying to log on to myokbar from the AOL browser, you're not alone. The AOL browser seems to have trouble with this and many other sites.  A Google search for this error reveals many similar problems with the AOL browser.  We have not been able to determine what the AOL browser doesn’t like, but we are trying to contact AOL to see if they can resolve the issue.  It might be beneficial for you, their customer, to contact them also.  It has been our experience that AOL is not very responsive to issues such as this, even though they seem to be the only service provider that has this problem.  If enough of their users report this problem to them, they might be more apt to respond.

In the mean time, the only successful answer we’ve been able to find so far is to minimize the AOL browser and use the Internet Explorer browser that came installed on your computer (see instructions below) or to install another browser.  We usually recommend the Mozilla Firefox browser as an alternative to Internet Explorer.  It can be downloaded from

If we find a resolution to this problem, we’ll post it here.  Please let us know via email ( ) if you contact AOL and they give you a resolution to this problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Instructions for work around:

  1. Connect to AOL as normal.
  2. Minimize AOL, so you can see your desktop.
  3. There will be a blue icon on your desktop that says Internet Explorer. Double-click it.
  4. In the address bar, type "" and hit ENTER.
  5. Return to the my okbar login page and reenter your username and pin number.
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